Don’t struggle with multiple layers of technology. Just add one!


Provide a superior in-video experience

Baaz’s intuitive features empower you to host live video shows from anywhere around the globe without having to write a single line of code.

  • video catalog

    Dynamic in-video catalog and check-out

    Adding products dynamically during the live show and the one step in-video checkout process makes online shopping a breeze. Seriously, it doesn’t get easier than this.

  •  video-archive

    Automatic video Archiving

    Let not your customers miss this experience anytime a day. Get your live videos archived on your virtual store to be accessed around the globe.

  • social Sharing

    Social Sharing

    Get your in-built virtual store link and promote it in a go to engage maximum audiences on your live shows.

  • live chat

    Live Chat

    Are your customers tired of getting delayed and automated responses to their queries? Answers all their questions real time via Baaz’s Live chat feature.

Experience Automated Sync up process

Wave a goodbye to hefty spreadsheets, tedious payment collection process, and time-consuming product shipping. Experience an automated sync up process like never before.

  • inventry shipping

    Inventory and Shipping sync up

    Add your existing products to the virtual store with a click of a button and integrate the best partners to ship them.

  •  payment collection

    Seamless Payment collection

    Avoid the hassle of multiple payment gateway integration and provide a frictionless experience to your customers with top-notch security. Sorry superman, even you can’t break into it.

  • calendar

    Add shows to calendar

    Level up the online shopping game by providing your customers the option to sync up your live shows in their calendar so that they never miss it out.

  • schedule call

    Schedule call 

    The days of whatsapp video calls are over. Your customers can now schedule video calls with you in a click of a button.

sync up


Create a buzz online seamlessly

Avoid spending heavy amounts on branding or advertising your store. Using our advanced technologies, get access to a larger piece of audience in a single go.

  • influencer discovery

    Influencer Discovery

    Looking out for ways to leverage your brand name? Then you are at the right place. Using Baaz, choose an influencer best suited for your brand without any hassle.

  •  simulcasting


    Transform your audience into a community by simulcasting your live shows on multiple channels in one step.

  •  notification

    Automated notifications

    Provide instant notifications via text or email to the customers as soon as they have placed their orders so that they never miss a beat.

Make sense of your data

Baaz’s out-of-the-box technologies help you analyze your data like a boss, in a way that suits you best without spending any additional penny.

data analytics

That’s just the tip of the iceberg, you can check out more intuitive features by scheduling a demo.

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