One-to-One Live Video Shopping: shaping e-commerce in 2021

Personalization is a word used in shopping whether online or offline quite extensively and across industries. When you walk into your neighbourhood apparel store to buy a shirt, the store owner gives you recommendations based on your previous shopping preferences and what would look good on you. That experience itself becomes a major factor in deciding where to shop from and regularly so. However, this is offline. The online shopping world has been trying to come up with various versions of personalization for shoppers from the likes of the iconic “you might also like this” or “people who bought this also purchased this” from Amazon to various applications of Machine Learning(ML) or Artificial Intelligence(AI) to give recommendations to shoppers on what they should buy, and this was tried by almost gazillion companies from around the world. However, this is not enough.

The world under the influence of technology has matured manifolds. People’s expectations with what technology can do for them have matured. What used to be normal for online shoppers a year ago is not sufficient anymore. A tech feature that helps consumers; becomes widely popular, very quickly. A feature that fails to please the consumers becomes a passe, even faster. It’s basically a double edged sword, or so do we think.

For the last 6-7 years, the advent of smartphones has been fast progressing in almost every dimension of our society along with cheaper data, like many predicted long ago. These two champions alone(smartphones and data) are changing industries for the good(or bad for some :P). A lot of the things that were out of bounds for technology not so far ago have gradually started coming within the ambit of technology. As an example online shopping was only centred around photos/texts to convince a customer to buy and it was super expensive to bring video into this experience. But this is 2021 and possibilities are endless when it comes to technology.

Almost 50% of the marketplace e-commerce companies around the world have adopted videos for personalized and enriching shopping experience, if not more. Whereas the non-marketplace ecommerce in which stores and D2C brands sell directly to consumers through their own e-commerce websites, is still haphazardly using multiple layers of tools to make do.

Take for example a premium apparel brand or a store would use a WhatsApp or Zoom video call in a 1-on-1 format with the customer to provide personalized walk through of products. And if the customer likes it, the store has to use other tools at disposal to manage inventory, customer queries, payments, shipping and notifications. This is a classic example of personalization at the cost of extreme inefficiency not only for the store but for the shopper too.

That too is past now. Baaz’s latest 1-on-1 live feature magically adds a “video call” button right below the “add to cart” button on every product page of the store’s e-commerce website. This means, while browsing through an e-commerce website of a brand, a shopper can click on the video call button and get on a 1-on-1 video call with the store instantly. And no, that’s not where it ends. During the video call if the shopper is convinced enough to make the purchase, he can do that from within the video, seamlessly. Plus the store doesn’t have to move a finger to make manual entries in tools like inventory management, customer queries, order management, shipment and notifications. Baaz’s tool automatically hooks into your existing tools and takes care of these inefficiencies. 

This is a productivity gain of magnitudes higher than what was possible for both store/brand and shopper. And we call this hyper-personalization. Forget about personalization. This is going to give you that brag worthy edge against poor/old school online shopping experience.

Add a 1-on-1 live feature to your e-commerce store and experience the superiority of online shopping for the first time ever. It all would make zero business sense if I told you whether you have built your own e0commerce website or used website builders like Shopify, Wix Commerce, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, OpenCart, Magento, PrestaShop or any other - we have you covered. 



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