How to engage maximum people on the live video shows?

Welcome to the golden age of Live Video streaming. From Miley Cyrus streaming live to Superbowl to that nutty television version of Peter Pan, there always has been something unique and catchy about live video streaming. Be it the adrenaline rush while watching something exciting or the tranquillity while watching something soothing, live video streaming always has something in store for you. 

Pro at cooking? Live stream the cooking tips!

Your son’s musical concert? Live stream it across the globe!

From Facebook live to Instagram, from periscope to livestream, all are making huge profits on this concept of “Live Video streaming.” It is for everyone, especially businesses looking to connect with their customers real time.

When Live video streaming has made its name in all the generic fields, then why not ecommerce? Online shopping doesn’t have to be boring always! Why to miss that opportunity of convincing the customer about the quality of the product realtime? Yes, through the Baaz app available on play store and shopify app store, enable live video shopping and earn exponential revenues in just one click. Along with this, manage live catalogues, accept payments seamlessly, and deliver products directly to your customers at the doorstep. But the big question here is, how to captivate maximum audiences on the live video shows to increase the conversion rate? Let’s check some of the solutions:

1. Post creatives about the show: Schedule the show 2-3 days prior to the date and make creatives around it containing the genre of the business, date, and time of the show. Start posting the creatives on all the social media platforms along with informative and catchy content embedding the link of the store and the live show. 

2. List events on Facebook:Facebook events are the perfect way to get users’ attention and keep it. With Facebook’s calendar connection, most people have their Facebook events connected to their smartphones. This means you can keep your audience in the know without doing much leg work. Simply create an event displaying the date and time of the show as well as the link to connect. Since the event wouldn’t carry any charges, the viewers would be persuaded to join the show. 

3. Influencer Marketing: Try connecting with small scale influencers or brand ambassadors over social media who can create a buzz about your brand and show online. Since they carry a variety of followers, it would increase the presence of your brand across the globe as well as engage maximum audiences for the live video show. 

4. Create FOMO: One of the best ways to persuade people is to convince them that they are missing out on something important. “Flat 40% off, for 24 hrs” such phrases create a sense of urgency and anxiety in the minds of people. Post the crisp descriptions and pictures of your products to create a sense of mystery in people which would force them to join the show to know more about your brand and the products that you sell.

5. Testimonials from customers: Usually people believe the words directly from the horse’s mouth. So try to get some testimonial videos or content from the previous customers and create a buzz around them. Also, posting happy customer pictures creates a visual impact on the other potential customers which induces them to buy the products. 

6.Teasers: Create some teasers for the upcoming show and also add some recorded videos of the previous show. Post these on social media handles to create curiosity among the viewers. Along with this, embed the link of the store or the live show in the caption.

7. Last Minute Buzz: Instagram and Facebook stories tend to pose a great impact as people are quite handy on them. Share an attractive plus informative creative of the show, just 15-20 mins prior. This is a way of reminding the audience that you’re going live before your live broadcast begins. 

Live video shopping is a platform with a ton of potential and you’re going to make a huge splash if you start using it wisely. Scheduling sessions consistently, promoting the live shows properly, and then presenting them well, are the three key mantras to success. Usually, creating content for the show is only half the battle. What good is a great content if there is no one to watch? Hence, it is very necessary to focus on the strategies to promote your show well.



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