How is Evergreen Indoors hyper personalising online shopping for their customers?

Meet Ms. Ashwathi,

Owner of Evergreen Indoors

Ashwathi and her father strongly believed that “the Earth is what we all have in common” and it is our moral responsibility to take care of it. Being a gardening enthusiast, Ashwathi’s father always wanted to pursue this industry and create a buzz about it in each and every house of the world. Hence in 2018, they came up with the idea of Evergreen Indoors where they started selling indoor plants to the people in their neighbourhood. Since day one, their journey had been very exciting, a true roller coaster ride as not all the people around are plant lovers. Hence at times, it becomes arduous for them to convince the people about it. In Mumbai, there are a lot of people indulged in this industry but the unique proposition about Evergreen Indoors is the serenity with which they propagate these plants in their own garden and then exhibit them. As the very name suggests, these plants are a right fit for indoors as they have the capability to survive in minimum sunlight conditions. Therefore they can be easily taken care of by even a layman. In entrepreneurship, it’s OK to fail as long as you are able to pick yourself, retrace your steps, look at what went wrong, and learn from your mistakes. Ashwathi and her parents also had a hard time marketing the plants as these are liked by only a certain category of people. Reaching the target market was the most challenging task but they didn’t give up. They deployed many tactics one after the other and observed which worked best for them. From creating colourful brochures to spreading the word of mouth, they left no stone unturned. As a result they were able to generate a sustainable amount of traffic for their business. 

Entrepreneurs have this trait of not being satisfied at any point of time, and this is what helps them outperform their competitors. Ashwathi and her parents saw the other startups making huge leaps of progress and wanted to test their hands on better ways to sell their plants. They had set out on a search spree through which they came in contact with Baaz. They felt they had found their right place as Baaz offered them something more than just image and texts. Moreover it was a tool, simpler enough to understand, didn’t require coding knowledge, easy to use, lower in cost, faster in distribution to larger base of customers or potential customers, efficient in managing orders, and required as little human intervention as possible. What next? They downloaded the Baaz app, uploaded their products, and started hosting the live shows. They knew this fact that to have an edge over others, they need to cover an extra mile always. Hence they adapted to social media marketing and spent a lot of effort there to promote their live shows which resulted in an increase in the traffic on their shows. 

A couple of days back, we had this opportunity to interview Ms. Ashwathi where she poured her heart out about how Baaz played a key role in transforming her entrepreneurial journey. She narrated an incident where one of her old neighbours wanted to make a purchase from them but weren’t able to pay a visit. Subscribing to the Baaz’s latest 1-to-1 live video feature pacified this challenge. They simply shared their virtual store link with their old neighbours and using this hyper-personalised feature, Evergreen Indoors were able to sell around 11 plants over the live video call. Plus this store didn’t have to move a finger to make manual entries in tools like inventory management, customer queries, order management, shipment and notifications. Baaz’s tool automatically hooked into their existing tools and took care of all these inefficiencies. Ashwathi spoke about how this feature not only helps in maximising sales but also in minimising the returns from any customer. 

For a store like Evergreen Indoors who feel that to plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow, 1-to-1 Live Video shopping carries utmost importance. Their only purpose to adapt to this hyper personalised feature was to bring their plants to life even in online commerce. They didn’t want their plants to be just based on image and texts, instead they strongly felt that the customers personally would be able to see and choose them. Almost 50% of the marketplace e-commerce companies around the world have adopted videos for personalised and enriching shopping experience, if not more. But adapting to live video shopping gives an extra edge to your e-commerce store over all others. 

To get a free demo of 1-to-1 live video shopping, write to us at aditi@baaz.live. 



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