How is Dr. Anjali Tayade making others step up their games in online shopping?

Meet Dr. Anjali Tayade,

Owner of Arthita Bags

Exploring new dimensions of creativity has always been the underlying ideology of Dr. Anjali Tayade. Being a middle aged mother of two and a leading homeopath in Mumbai, Dr. Anjali donned the hat of running a fashion store or "her passion projects"(as she likes to call it). The idea was to be equally present in all fields of work, to ensure that no work was left behind due to lack of exposure in that field and that the client’s propositions were taken forth in the right direction. Her immense love for accessories, vivacious colours, and innovative designing skills prompted her to create unique multi-utility organisers and pouches to provide solutions to every household need under the brand name ARTHITA.

With an eye for recognising potential in little ideas which can eventually become huge accomplishments, Arthita Bags was started with a view of making the lives of people a little more organized and simple. For any company to succeed the untiring spirit of the entrepreneur/founder is of utmost importance. Dr. Anjali is the perfect example of the same. She left no stone unturned to grow Arthita Bags exponentially among the common masses. From utility pouches to travel organizers, handbags, clutches, all are manufactured by Arthita Bags and provided to the people by all possible means. Not only this, they also extended a helping hand for Swachh Bharat Abhiyan and started manufacturing car bins and food organisers. The food bags have a capacity for food packets and you can easily dump them into the bins instead of spilling it over roads. Along with these are the travelling bags which have compartments for even the miniature stuff. Arthita Bags is a deadly combination of utility and fashion which pampers the needs of people.

Although Arthita Bags had a variety of local customers as well as had their own website, yet they did not stop here. They were poised for growth and kept on upgrading themselves with the ongoing trends. A couple of months back, Baaz team had this opportunity to come in contact with Dr. Anjali Tayade. Her endless spirit and passion towards her work was commendable and hence we couldn’t resist to provide her a demonstration of our Baaz application available on the play store. Witnessing the demonstration, it seemed like her search had finally ended as it was an apt platform for her to spread a word about Arthita Bags. She needed a platform which was simple enough to understand and did not require any technical skill set. Along with this, it did not require any heavy investment or the one time set up costs. And what next?

Within a day, Baaz on boarded Arthita Bags and set up her account on the application. Dr. Anjali was highly impressed by the easy interface as she could easily add her products on the application along with the other details. Just in a click, she was all set to showcase her products in a live show. What she loved the most was the one step process to host the live show on a convenient date and time. Along with this was an additional option of hiring an influencer which can help to boost the sales during the live show. On 31st January 2021, Dr. Anjali hosted a live video show to showcase her products. She received her virtual store link and shared it over her social media handles. To her amazement, within 30 minutes, she was able to generate a sales of INR 1.2Lac(USD 1648) and had close to 500 views on her products. Though Baaz had provided an easy to use interface to Dr. Anjali, yet the major credit goes to the she presented her products to the entire audience. 

But her experience with Baaz didn’t just end here. After receiving the orders, the order management & shipping management were fully automated for Arthita Bags. The entire process of order manifestation, payment collection, and shipping was done by the Baaz team after the approval of Arthita Bags. She had to simply keep her orders ready and they were picked by our team from the doorstep and delivered to all the customers. She used to sell her products on a variety of platforms but was always dissatisfied by the them. But Baaz changed her mindset completely. Just not this, due to her consistency in hosting the live shows, Baaz offered a flat 40% off on all the products of Arthita Bags. This further helped the store in reviving in these pandemic times as well as the customers could grab their favourite products at a much discounted price.

We have helped 100s of retailers just like Arthita Bags and you can be the next. Just ask us how.



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