How has Baaz revolutionized live video shopping around the globe?

We have often found ourselves asking this question - “what important problem is nobody solving?”

For a long time, we have felt that shopping online is boring & eCommerce is stuck in 2006 especially the non-marketplace model. What if retailers could provide the personal touch of offline, with the scale and reach of online? What if shoppers never had to leave the comfort of their homes to have a real interaction with the sellers? These questions have become more prominent after the pandemic hit the world of offline business.

We believe it’s possible to have the best of both worlds. Offline doesn’t have to be so unscalable and online doesn’t have to miss the personal & human touch. The future of eCommerce is more human and authentic. It’s more fun for shoppers, and more profitable for sellers. To make this happen we need 2021’s solutions. We believe live video shopping is the future of e-commerce. But how might you ask?

We have always pushed the frontier on how we can make live video shopping simple, easy and accessible for retailers of all sizes and from any location. After having served 100s of customers and helping them access untapped opportunities, we took it up a notch by partnering with Shopify.


That literally means, if you’re an ecommerce store owner on Shopify you can simply add live video shopping to your store with a click of a button. I seriously meant it. Let me explain, if you will.

1.Visit apps.shopify.com (Shopify app store) and search for the Baaz app. Or alternatively you can directly access the Baaz app on Shopify by clicking here.

Shopify App Store

2.Install the app and connect it to your Shopify store by entering the URL.

3.Next - click on sync product. This will magically sync all your inventory on Shopify with Baaz instantly.

4.Next - simply install Baaz App from the Google Playstore by clicking here.

5.Next - login to it using the same mobile number as registered on the Shopify store.

6.Next - click on the View Products.

7. Click on the Go Live button given below to add a live show. Click on Schedule Here and select Store option.

*In case of hiring an influencer, click on the Influencer option in the dropdown.

8.Add the Live show name, select date/time, and click on Add Product option. Select the products from your existing list to add to the live show. Click on Schedule Now.

9.You’ll see the scheduled show in the Upcoming Live Show tab. To go Live, click the Go Live button.

And you are all set to go Live for your customers.

Kickstarting your live video shopping journey is that simple. Your entire inventory of products syncs up with Baaz instantly, in-video checkout and manage shipping seamlessly makes it all the way more easy for your customer to transact. This is the future of online shopping or eCommerce as they call it. And this future is more human, authentic and real just as offline shopping is.

So the question is - is your ecommerce store ready for 2021 or are you still stuck in 2006?

For any queries, feel free to reach out to us at help@baaz.live or any of our social handles and we promise to answer any and every single question or comments. You can also send us some love if you like what we are doing @baaz. Thanks



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