How an organic grocery store captured 806 visitors in just 20 minutes via live video shopping?

Our vision is a flame that we hold in our hands. It is our responsibility to protect our vision, refine it, and communicate our vision to others. It’s our moral responsibility to keep that flame alive by sharing it with others. So is done by Mr. Malatesh from Bangalore. In spite of being an engineer with 14 years of rich experience, Mr. Malatesh decided to pursue his childhood dream of sustainable living and came up with the idea of building Trinch, an initiative to connect genuine natural/organic farmers produce to the customers directly*. The process of launching this business was a lot like putting together a puzzle with a couple of pieces always missing. We always try to dig out more of the details before starting something but eventually starting is the more crucial step towards learning. Though Malatesh didn’t possess a lot of experience in this field but his zeal towards promoting a healthy lifestyle from one generation to another persuaded him to start the concept of Family Farmer. 

Today, Trinch is working with 200+ Farmers across Karnataka and few in the neighbourhood states for some specific needs. It is closely associated with several resource persons like *Farmers who have rich experience in Organic/Natural Farming, Soil, Water, Natural Oil Extraction, Agricultural Scientists, Food Scientists & Field Officers* etc to bring the qualitative food without any malnutrition. They are also working with Nutritionists, Ayurvedic, Yoga Practitioners and Home Master Chef's to understand the right requirement and bring in an appropriate balanced diet to the people. Their value proposition is that they wish to change the mindset of the people that says that organic products are just for the elite sector. Instead, they try to sell all their products at an affordable price so that it can be easily purchased by the common masses. Initially they started creating a buzz among their neighbours and relatives and gradually the word of mouth spread due to the superior quality products. As more and more traffic started landing, they also collaborated with various Organic food campaigns *like Naisargik Santhe, Farmer's Market as well as exhibited in various programs.*

As digital transformation is at its peak, Malatesh did not believe to have a physical presence of Trinch. Coming with an experience of working with various retail brands, he knew that operating physical stores is an expensive affair in itself as the shop rentals, *salaries, maintenance,* all need to be paid even if the sales aren’t there. To cover up for all these expenses, a retailer starts marking up the products making it unaffordable for the common people. Therefore Trinch always operated on an online model which helps to keep the products very cost effective. Just not in terms of the cost but this model is also convenient for the consumers as they do not have to come all the way to the store to purchase the organic products. Instead, they can order from the website and it gets delivered at their doorstep. Though Mr. Malatesh dreams of uplifting the farming sector of India yet he is keen on doing it keeping the model of Digital India in mind.

It is rightly said that “Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.” For a long time, there have been a ton of changes in the eCommerce industry which has taken the online shopping game to the next level. “One such revolution is Live Video Shopping.” On coming in contact with Baaz, Malatesh adapted to it very quickly and started hosting a couple of live video shows for the audience. Initially, he was a little hesitant about addressing the audience live but gradually the comfort level increased. Baaz's team had been in constant contact with him providing him suggestions on improvement for the shows. Eventually after practising for sometime, he set the golden benchmark via one of his shows. To our amazement, in a show of 15 minutes, the organic product brand “Trinch” witnessed a total store visit of 806 people fetching 46 orders in all worth INR 91k. It’s natural for all the entrepreneurs to want to grow their business but it’s important to grow it for the right reasons. Malatesh wants to scale Trinch just not for the sake of growing his business but to spread sustainable development across the nation. Kudos to the entire team of Trinch for their out-of-the-box initiative and perseverance.



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