How a small town artisan made money in 15 minutes through live video shopping?

Meet Mayank Sadhwani,                              

Owner of Indian Tulip

Mayank Sadhwani, the owner of the home decor store in Pushkar, is on a mission to serve the customers with the best handcrafted home decor products and apparels. He employs many people all across Pushkar who can rather be called artists as they carry a special magic in their hands. Through their talent and hardwork, they craft some of the best bedsheets, printed scarves, dupattas among others which are highly loved by tourists from around the world. 


As almost every retailer, Indian Tulip also faced the adverse impact of Covid-19 as the footfall drastically plummeted post lockdown. This not only led to the accumulation of the handcrafted stock piling up but also a major cash crunch due to zero to almost no sale. 

Indian Tulip was a purely offline retail store that depended heavily on offline footfall of people from various countries and never considered moving online for various reasons which resonates across the majority of the retail landscape. But lockdowns in early 2020, changed that completely. Indian Tulip was looking for alternatives in the online world if they had to survive. Only offline was not enough. While looking for alternatives, Mayank had primarily three choices in hand.

1. Ecommerce Marketplaces - making accounts on Amazon, Flipkart among other ecommerce marketplaces and list his products which will give him distribution, promotions, delivery and end to end support. It is one of the most obvious strategies for retailers to start with ecommerce marketplaces, but only to realize later that retailers are left with feeble margins as most of the sales share goes to the marketplaces themselves. After doing his research from other sellers, this option was out for him.

2. Ecommerce Website - getting a standalone eCommerce website made either from a developer or using one of the website builders like Magento. This will give him more control over the pricing strategy, margins, positioning, marketing and differentiation from other similar products sellers. The problem was it required some level of technical know-how, predictability on timelines, and an economically viable way to build the website. And then once that was done, the whole ball game of advertising, marketing, SEO and content. Irrespective of whether a retailer chooses an eCommerce website builder(like Magento etc) or gets your standalone eCommerce website, he needs a developer or someone in his team who not only understands technology but also builds it. Hiring or outsourcing to a developer is not only difficult but can cost a lot sometimes. Again, this option was out for Mayank


3. Social Commerce - with ease of use, low cost and higher distribution power of social networks Indian Tulip started creating business profiles on WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram - only to learn that it takes some time to build audiences on all these platforms. Which is only possible with regular engagements activities a store needs to do in order to generate enough buzz and if it's working well - generate sales eventually. 

And after the orders were generated, it was super hard or time consuming to process them manually without a proper system in place that would enable the end to end journey up until the products were received by the customer.

Overall, leaving Indian Tulip wondering if online was ever going to work for him.


While looking for various methods of selling online, Mayank Sadhwani discovered Baaz and reached out to us with his problem statement. He needed a tool - simpler enough to understand, didn’t require coding knowledge, easy to use, lower in cost, faster in distribution to larger base of customers or potential customers, efficient in managing orders and required as little human intervention as possible. 

Mayank downloaded Baaz App, added the products he wanted to sell, scheduled the live show for a date he preferred and shared his automatically generated store’s link with his potential customers through WhatsApp groups all within 5 mins. That’s all it took. But this is not where it ends. 

He hosted the live show on the decided date and time, about 100 potential customers showed up to watch the live show, with about 300 live chats and the show lasted for about 18 mins. He received an SMS on the phone stating that he had sold 32 products worth of INR 16,000. This alone would surely have made him happy.

But the experience with Baaz didn’t just end there. After the receiving orders, the order management & shipping management were fully automated for Indian Tulip. After his approval the shipping manifest was generated for all the orders, the pickup executives arrived at his doorstep the next day and the customers from various parts of India received their orders delivered at their doorsteps. If you’re thinking this where it all ended - you might be in a rush. 

Out of all the orders, Indian Tulip received ZERO return requests from the customers. This is how Baaz made Indian Tulip’s life simpler with live video shopping. 

We have helped 100s of retailers just like Indian Tulip and can do the same to you too. Ask us how.



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