How a Pushkar based Yoga enthusiast spreading glory across the globe?

Meet Shri Sanatan Prapanacharya,

A Civil Engineer by profession but a yoga enthusiast by passion or rather you can say, health and fitness lies in his genes. Born in the family of Lt. Swami Veerraghavacharya Ji Maharaj, he grew his family’s legacy of organic farming exponentially in Pushkar and added to it the flavour of Yoga. After completing his graduation, he started working in railways but the biggest downfall for him was his deteriorating health and homesickness. This kept him stressed even after the working hours. One fine day, he decided to go back to his hometown and this move was immensely supported by his father, Swami Ramratan Acharya Ji Maharaj. Sanatan was always in search of mental peace and wanted to do something of his own. His hunt had finally stopped after meeting a Guru who taught him some basic yoga moves which tranquillised his entire body. And from here, with the help of his father and family, he started Ramratan Ayurveda which not only manufactured the organic medicines and herbs but also provided personalized yoga sessions to people.  

Sanatan’s life is no less than an inspiration in today’s time. When he started, he was highly hesitant to communicate with the people around, so he began providing sessions to his family members and gradually gained confidence. Being aware of today’s competitiveness, he started establishing his social media presence and built an Instagram channel from scratch. Eventually, in a short span of time, his Instagram channel @fitwithsanatan travelled around the globe and people from Australia, Spain, have started taking personalized live Yoga sessions from him via video calls. When all was going well, COVID came in and Sanatan suffered a big loss of his life, the sudden demise of his father and uncle. But the zeal to spread his father’s name worldwide was still alive in Sanatan’s heart. His pain was immense as his father was a big support to him and was his inspiration to reach to the zenith. With a heavy heart, he continued giving sessions to his protégés to stay true to his passion and his father’s dream. 

It was then when Baaz came in touch with him and from here, Sanatan stepped up his fitness campaign to a next level. Though from a small town of Pushkar, yet he adapted to this digital transformation wholeheartedly. Till then, Sanatan was just publicizing his sessions via images and texts but through Baaz he started hosting live videos to showcase his yoga sessions. His main goal has always been to reach as many people as possible and educate them about the mental and physical fitness through the traditional techniques of India. To accomplish this mission, he exuberantly tries out all the possible ways and without any hesitation, so he did with Baaz. Without any busty setup or prior experience, single handedly, Sanatan hosted his first live show with the help of Baaz from the Balmukund Ashram of Pushkar. In his very first live show of 30 mins, he was able to capture more than a hundred views and made a revenue of almost 50k. Witnessing this massive success in 30 mins, he is rigorously hosting more shows to establish a brand image of Ramratan Ayurveda which wasn’t possible through conventional ways. Show by Show, his viewers are consistently increasing and appreciating his remarkable knowledge and excellent presentation. His accurate yoga postures, meditation techniques, and positive approach towards life fascinates people worldwide. The cultural values compiled with the technological advancements glorifies Ramratan Ayurveda and that makes it different from all other such institutions. Kudos to Sanatan and his entire team of Ramratan Ayurveda!



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