How a Korean brand breaking stereotypes in skin care?

"At its best, beauty transcends race and colour, and helps that inner light shine through. It gives you the confidence to take on the contemporary world." are the words of Dale Han, founder of the renowned beauty brand, Limese. Drawing inspiration from the Korean ethos ‘skin-first’, this brand is based out of both Korea and India. Their basic motive has always been to promote healthy skin habits around the world that celebrate prevention, rather than cure. When they started out in Korea, they received a massive response hence they pushed their limits to the sky. Coming to India, Dale felt that while there was a demand for K-beauty products, there was a gap in the supply chain. Hence, she thought of expanding Limese in India, headquartered at Mumbai. Starting off with a single brand on their website with limited traffic, today limese is a hub to more than 100s of brands with a huge amount of daily traffic on their website. 

Challenges it solved

However the beauty industry is constantly evolving and the consumer interest is more driven by the latest trends. Still, the major component here is the quality of the products. If it’s about our own skin, we would never want to take risks in experimenting with products that haven’t had a brand image. The korean beauty products have an edge here as they are well known for their formulations which are suitable for all skin types. But usually in India, there is a certain lack of such products, hence the people have to go through that entire process of customs, International shipping, delays in shipping, which ultimately spoils the user experience and is a hustle in itself. This hustle usually discouraged the consumers from resorting to the Korean products even though these were better in quality. Hence when Limese barged in, this problem was solved to a great extent making it a number one choice for K beauty products in India. 

Competitive Analysis

Usually any new company takes time to make its brand name in a new place, same was the hurdle with Limese which was further strengthened by the pandemic. Because of this, makeup and cosmetics had taken a backseat which discouraged the purchase. Moreover, if we talk about India, it is still a taboo that skin care products are only used by women and are not actually a necessity. That awareness about skin hygiene has never been there. Despite all these difficulties, Limese is a big name in Korea as well as in India, primary reasons being: the formulations, ingredients, texture, and the philosophy behind the K products is very different from the normal cosmetics. Usually people just talk about the organic products or the DIYs, nobody talks about the manufacturing process, ingredients involved in the product and specially curation. Limese is best at personalising stuff, say you have an oily skin and your friend has a dry skin, how can the same toner be efficient for both of you? Hence, it’s very important to curate the products as per the customer’s needs. Moreover, another important thing is the marketing tactics that are used by Limese which contributes heavily to its success. Conventional marketing process or selling doesn’t help brands grow quickly, hence Limese always tries to adapt to the latest trends and get it to India as well. Being aware of live shopping being a huge market in China for a long time, the brand decided to opt for it in the indian market. They came in touch with Baaz and started hosting live shows for the audience on their shopify store itself. The best part in these shows have been their fantastic presentation skills. Merely showing the packaging of the product is never enough in this category, the presenter applies those products on her skin and lets people experience the texture virtually. This persuades the audience to make a purchase instantly. On the conventional social media channels, there are chances of losing the audience as there are a lot of steps involved in the buying process and moreover the audience always have their questions unanswered when they have to purchase via social media or the website. Whereas via Baaz, the products have been informative for the customers and they are left with no reason to not make a purchase. The zeal of limese to always try something new and break the stereotypes in skincare has helped it to grow to the zenith of success. Kudos to the entire team of Limese, and more power to them!



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