Do's and Don'ts of Live Video Selling!

Not so long ago, having a live sales event through video was as rare as hen’s teeth and didn’t sound appealing to most of the retailers. Selling products online was much more a passive process. You set up your online store, list your products with proper descriptions and images, wait for the people to visit the site and make a purchase, that was it. Basically selling online was still stuck in the pre-2006 era. Fast forward to 2021, given the progress in technology, access to smartphones, access to cheap data, familiarity of using internet services and online shopping have all led to a need for something more experiential, something more real, something more authentic and still give comfort. Out of the many options available, live video selling has turned into a much more effective way that has been reaping huge dividends in a very short period, for many retailers globally.

A study on livestream shows that 81% of the internet users watched live video content more than any other type of content in 2016.

But you may wonder how can you do live sales when video production is a very costly marketing strategy? Actually, it’s not. Through platforms like Baaz, you can easily enable live video selling on your existing storefront or use standalone live video shopping stores with little to no cost. But live video selling isn’t a miracle which can boost your sales overnight, it involves the quality of your content, interaction or engagement with your audience during the show, generating fear of missing out (FOMO), and depict the value proposition of your products to the followers. 

  1. Do have a script but don’t be overly scripted: Though you want your conversation to flow naturally, yet don’t just wing it. You should have an outline of your conversation with the customer community which doesn’t look much scripted. Think through the order and flow between items, and the time you want to allocate to each. Having a road map will keep you on track and keep the event moving so your audience stays interested and engaged. Try to personalize your discussion and always be prompt in answering questions in the live chat feature. 
  2. Don’t just sell your product, also deliver value: We get the fact that selling the product is the primary objective of the live selling. But to sell it quickly, you have to build a background over it. Be sure to weave some relationship building elements for the audience so that they quickly relate to the product and do not miss the opportunity to purchase it. Sharing some personal information, behind-the-scenes stories also helps in building your credibility among the customers. 
  3. Create a sense of urgency or FOMO: How do you feel when you hear the phrase, “50% off, last 15 minutes left”? Doesn’t this make you feel anxious and creates the fear of missing out on your favourite stuff? Yes, it does. During the live show, your mission should be to create a perfect balance between appealing content and action-packed offers. You can do this by keeping aside some of your best selling products and give them a special discounted pricing which is good to go only during the live show for the customers. Discounting the products or creating a sense of urgency in purchasing them is an awesome way to grab the attention of all the passive customers as well. 

  4. Do check your lighting and camera views:During the live show, visual impact plays a very prominent role. When you go to watch movies, even the simplest scenes leave an ever-lasting impact upon us due to the tactical lights and camera views used in it. Always keep in mind that your camera view is your viewer’s eyes, so keep the camera steady and the lens fixed on where the action is. Also try to have a proper internet connectivity so as to avoid any technical difficulties. 

  5. Don’t be inconsistent in scheduling the shows:At very first, live video selling can be a little difficult for the retailers. But comfort kills ambition, hence it is very necessary to step out of your comfort zone to grow exponentially in life. Once your live streams become a pretty regular thing, you should set a schedule for them. Irregular and inconsistent live shows can put you at risk of losing your followers and lead to the wastage of your previous efforts. Hence, the perfect approach lies in a prior scheduling of all your live shows and trying to stick to it.

People are savvy nowadays, if you do not impress them at the very first minute of your show, they might dropout. But that doesn’t mean you are in constant stress of losing your audience. Embrace the fact that practice makes us almost perfect and keep evolving with every live show that you host. A successful live show comes down to thorough preparation with a tinge of improvisation during the show that keeps the audience captivated. We hope you found these live streaming tips useful. Please feel free to share with us your favourite do or don’t, or perhaps include your live streaming tips that you find especially useful, at help@baaz.live.



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