5 types of content that engages B2B customers

Gone are the days when B2B or the wholesale businesses were few in number and they majorly used mouth publicity to grow their business. Today, the competition has increased manifold and all the companies are looking for ways to promote their businesses. Today’s B2B buyers seek out consumable content that not only helps them make informed purchasing decisions, but it also provides insight into your company, your product and service offerings, and even your corporate citizenship. A few years back, no one knew the importance of content in business but today people are experimenting with different types of content which help them flourish their business. Business to Business or B2B content marketing is a strategy that companies and businesses alike use to appeal to other businesses. It helps B2B company owners spread brand awareness and interest to their target market. However not all types of content work with all companies, each company has its own genre and style of marketing. Let’s look at some of the successful strategies for B2B companies:

  • Curate news, Tell Stories: B2B clients are closely related to your own industry, hence it’s important for you to collect the industry-centric information and showcase it in front of your customers in a creative way. 
  • Video marketing: Live videos or video marketing is gaining pace in the B2B context. In Fact, it is more important for the B2B companies to check the products in the video as they purchase in bulk. It is one of the most popular types of content marketing for both B2B and B2C companies.

  • Social media marketing: Your customers are all on social media, and so should you. Nearly 90% of B2B marketers in CMI’s 2020 survey consider social media platforms their preferred organic distribution channel.
  • Email marketing: Once you have gathered the information about the industry or any case studies, how do you make sure it reaches all? It can be done via email. Email marketing company Litmus found that for every $1 you spend on email marketing, you can expect an average return of $42.
  • Webinars: Share your expertise by hosting webinars and virtual training for customers and targeted buyers in your industry. Unlike the video content, we discussed above that can infuse a little entertainment and self-promotion, these educational modules are meant to teach viewers certifiable skills and applications related to their work. 

These strategies might seem to be a little new for some people but that’s the flair of today’s time. Not all would work for you like if you are a fashion brand, go for video and social media. If you deal in ayurvedic products, go for webinars, and so on. You need to be smart and picky while selecting the strategies, this is how the revenue increases. If you find a strategy that works for you and your audience, then stick to that and just keep on improving as you go on.



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