5 Creatives ideas for your next live event

In 2016, Facebook released Live Video on their platform. Those days, it wasn’t very well adapted by the audience but today the live streaming events are the norm. In fact, Facebook says the number of people in the U.S. watching live streams has increased by 50% since the beginning of 2020. The Covid-19 has successfully spawned countless negatives that many of us never imagined in day-to-day life. However, this pandemic has also revealed some bright spots of human resilience at the same time. With the advent of Covid, more and more people have started seeking this option to grow their online presence. In Fact, for many marketers, streaming live is at the top of their to-do list. 

With the limited number of live streaming channels available to the people, the streams have become very monotonous for the audience. Also for the brands, it is not always simple to portray themselves in front of the camera flawlessly. A single hiccup can cost thousands of dollars as it may tarnish their brand image due to which many brands still refrain from getting into this. The ideas listed below would surely work to eliminate the same old encounters with virtual streaming. 

  • Live Games and Competitions: To compel the audience to watch the live streams, it is very important to add the element of interactivity to it else people lose interest. There cannot be anything better than games and contests.  It is a creative way if you wish to provide engaging demos to your audience while getting their full involvement. Not only this but such types of activities will have the audience checking back to social media pages of the event, just to see who won. 
  • Chat Engagers: Live streaming doesn’t have to be just one-way communication else it would lose its essence. Imagine live streaming in shopping, to give it the feel of offline shopping, it is very important that the audience can also portray their question and comments live. This would help them make quick and right decisions and is helpful for the brand too. For this, a live chat feature is an absolute necessity. Another tested idea is to assign a person to the live discussion of each of your sessions from the organizing team. This person will be responsible for making sure that the chat keeps going. Although it’s a very small feature, it plays a major role in transforming the user experience.
  • Exclusive Product launch session: Launching something new is a double-edged sword. If you do not take up the step, you would never know the impact but there is always a huge possibility of the failure of the product. In this case, marketing tactics play a very important role. Now imagine that if you could reach out to thousands of people in a single go, how beneficial would it be for the new product. This is possible with live streaming. This tactic gives the audience an incentive to tune in to your streams. 
  • Real-Time illustrations: For people who carry certain talent in them and wish to showcase it to the entire world, there is no better way than live streaming. Though it is a challenging task to showcase your talent in real time, yet it makes a huge impact upon the people. This could be thoroughly used by artists, people who sell services like health and wellness, hairstylists, make-up artists, etc. Through these real-time streams, you may even redirect your audience to your social media channels or the website to convert them to permanent subscribers. 

  • Online tours: In these times when the entire world has resorted to virtual means, why not tours be virtual too!. This idea is perfect for your audience to experience a sense of traveling far away from their homes/offices. Depending on the industry you are engaged in, you can choose the option accordingly. If you have your own farm of organic products, or you run a fashion boutique, or a car showroom, this might be the apt choice for you. You’d be able to provide a holistic 360-degree view of your work to the audience without them taking the pain of stepping out of their comfort zone. 

Along with creativity, marketing is important too. You need to follow various steps before, during, and after the live event to make it successful. Before your live stream, encourage your audience to tune in. Do this by notifying them via social media posts and Stories. At the start of your live stream, be sure to build-in time to allow your audience to tune in. Once you’re live, make it conversational and encourage your audience to participate. After the live stream is complete, repurpose the content on various platforms to reach maximum people. 



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