4 strategies to increase the cart to conversion rate

Gone are the days when there were only a limited number of e-commerce sites like Amazon, Flipkart, Shopclues, and the customers had to choose amongst them. Now when a 7th std kid builds his own mobile application, a 21 year old raises a billion dollar startup online, each and every individual has resorted to digital means. You simply go down a lane near your house and check for the small grocery and vegetable stores. To your amazement, you would find them all listed online on some or the other platforms. Cutting to the chase, in today’s time there are a variety of e-commerce platforms to choose from: be it fashion, home decor, kitchen accessories, automobile accessories, all the sectors have their own ample websites. Because of this, people have a lot of options to compare from. Hence, they visit your e-commerce site but might not necessarily turn into a paying customer. You might have noticed that they land on your website through a random google search but bounce back quickly, right? Need not to worry, this is a major issue faced by all the online sellers and the good part is that you don’t need rocket science to improve that. Just a little effort in the right direction, and there you’re increasing your cart to conversion rate exponentially. 

  • Optimize the product details: Customers are more prone to purchase if they have to spend less effort in looking for the minute details of the product. Hence, it is important to enter an optimised and informative product title and an elaborative product summary. Just knowing the name and size of the product is not enough, its colour, texture, utility, all such parameters are equally important. Along with it, the images should make a visual impact on the customers which compels them to make a purchase quickly. On the very same page, there should be the SLA details as well as the modes of payment that are accepted. They shouldn’t have to wait to land on the checkout page to know more about these options. 
  • Seamless Checkout experience: Many people use a shopping cart as a glorified wish list, to save things for later.  Why not give them the opportunity to do just that by letting them save their cart or optionally add products to a wish list for a future purchase? Plenty of studies reveal that single step check-out processes experience maximum conversion rates. Hence, it is advisable to keep the checkout process quick and smooth with visual indicators of how far they’ve progressed. Also keep in mind that the CTA buttons should be very easily accessible to the customers. Ideally, the checkout buttons should be kept at the top and bottom of the page as the less time that customers have to spend looking for them, the sooner they’ll take action. 

  • Optimize payments and shipping: This is the place where the maximum carts get abandoned because of the aforementioned failure to include the taxes and shipping price into the final payment. “Free shipping” compels the users to order the products without giving it a second thought. Not all the sellers can afford the same, hence you may increase the selling price a bit or offer free shipping only when a customer spends an ‘X’ amount. If you do this, add in a progress bar or a total amount as the customer adds the items to their cart to show them how close they are to qualifying.This would not only increase the conversion rate but also enhance the cart value.
  • Create FOMO among the customers: Giving away freebies with the products creates a fear of missing out on the offer amongst the customers. Depending on what you sell, this could become a serious factor in getting repeat orders. Also loyalty programs can be one super technique where you can award customers on their first purchase or on referring to other people in their network. The loyalty points could be redeemed in exchange for samples, a coupon toward a future visit, or other rewards. Also the general discounts like “50% off, 2 hours remaining” can engage more and more audiences on the website, and higher the number of people more are the chances of conversion.

By lowering your abandoned cart rate, you’ll improve your entire sales funnel. And you can’t create a consistent experience for your customers unless you have a shopping cart that delivers on the promises your website makes. Most of us today are indulged in the similar segments and products but our strategies create a difference, and this where your competitors take over. Working on the above channels can boost your conversion rates, the results might not turn up overnight but would be revealed gradually. Have you come across a shopping cart that did everything right? Write to us at aditi@baaz.live.



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