4 Innovative shopify stores that would leave you in awe of their ideas

What is the calculus of innovation? The calculus of innovation is really quite simple: Knowledge drives innovation, innovation drives productivity, productivity drives economic growth. A couple of decades ago, having a website was a big deal. Heavy investments, technical knowledge, manpower, these were the terms that came into mind while thinking about a website for a brand. But today in the era of drones being used for online deliveries, virtual trial rooms being used for online shopping, live streaming being used for selling products, building a website is just a trifle. Even the smallest of vegetable vendors and grocery stores have now resorted to building their own online presence. And fortunately with the help of website builders like Shopify, it is much easier and quicker to build your own online store. Here we have tried to bring up some of the most innovative Shopify stores that have tried to take the online shopping game a level up. 

  • Phool: All of us constantly think about leveraging our brand value but a few among us strive to contribute their bit to the environment simultaneously. The one such brand that has been taking active strides towards doing their bit for the environment and leveraging automation to scale, is Phool. They wished to reduce the temple waste in India which was typically dumped into water bodies. Once they reached the waters of the river, the chemicals washed off, mixing with the water, making toxic compounds, suppressing the oxygen levels and gravely threatening marine life. That was enough to turn into a venture. They started with employing 2 women working on 2 kgs of temple flowers to turn them into incense sticks and cones. Today, the brand is working with 80 women who re purpose about 8.4 tonnes of flowers and agricultural waste on a daily basis. Today, Phool has a vast range of products made from temple flowers, categorised under the collections - incense cones, incense sticks, vermicompost, DIY kits and gulaal.

  • Limese: LIMESE is inspired by today's young, urban life - fast but flexible, unshackled but connected to the world around, optimistic but skeptical, individualistic but purpose-driven. They deal in some of the best cosmetic products made out of natural ingredients that help people around the world to become comfortable in their own skin. They had chosen to make their online presence a long time back but they knew that today is the time to step it up. Hence they adapted to one of the apps on Shopify app store, Baaz. With the help of Baaz, they enabled live video streaming on their online store and sold products to the customers via live videos. This strategy not only provides a superior customer experience but also increases the sales manifold.

  • Toyobike: The tokyobike brand, started in 2002, is inspired by the clean, minimalist aesthetic of Japanese design and pays homage to the “Tokyo Slow” movement—an emphasis on comfort over speed and a nod to simpler times. For a long time, Toyobike operated as a brick and mortar store but in 2019 they made their online presence through Shopify. When they switched to Shopify’s ecommerce solution, they decided to switch their Lightspeed point-of-sale (POS) systems to Shopify POS as the separate systems created a mess. This one step helped them sync their online stores with the physical store and manage the entire business from one backend. 

  • Viberg: Viberg is one of its own kind of heritage footwear brand that was started back in 1931 and since then is operating on a very simple model: to produce the highest-quality footwear possible using only the best materials and manufacturing methods available. Their focus on the heritage look and craftsmanship has been persistent for a long time but to showcase that online is a challenging task in itself. But Viberg adapted to use a high quality content and beautiful photography to give life to their products online. They try to pull back the curtain that typically exists between manufacturer and consumer. Viberg’s editorial content is featured on the Journal section of its website, which houses rich blog posts and stellar photography. These mini editorials have become a really essential piece of their brand identity. 

The above stores clearly depict that there is no fixed recipe to success in ecommerce. Creativity along with hard work is what makes it happen. There can be numerous ideas, and numerous ways to design your store but a smallest creative element in your store can skyrocket your sales. It’s just about coming out of the box of conventional ecommerce and adapting to the modern ways. If you know about more such stores, do not forget to mention them in the comments section below. 



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