4 design tactics for Shopify

We have always heard of how some big companies were created accidentally by their founders and today they have become one of their kind. So is the mystery behind Shopify. Ten years ago, Tobi wanted to sell snowboards online but found this to be incredibly challenging without an easy-to-use eCommerce platform. Hence, he decided to create it himself, giving birth to Shopify, the king of website builders. Today, Shopify is the third most popular eCommerce platform in the world. It comprises 4% of all online stores all over the world and garnered $292.5 crores in revenue in 2020. The major factor contributing to such a huge revenue is Shopify's convenience, the simplest of sites in a jiffy that helps you take your business online very quickly.

Being said, it can be still nerve-wracking for beginners to design a website on Shopify. Shopify can take care of the domain, hosting, and all such stuff but the major challenge lies in the UI and UX design. Suppose you are participating in a cooking competition, taste and recipe of the dish would always be a priority but are certain marks for presentation as well. Similarly, the design and presentation of the website determine the success of the online store. No wonder, why there are 100s of Shopify development agencies across the globe but only a few of them have succeeded so far. Baaz has been recognized as a Top 30 Shopify Website Designers 2021 by DesignRush.

The article below provides you with some best design tips to ensure that you concentrate on the things that matter while building your Shopify store.

  • Choose the best theme: Your theme is the backbone of your website, hence it’s important to make the right selection. Several things can determine the theme you choose for your website. The first is the kind of experience that you want to create for your customers. Others include what your competitors are doing, how you want to display your products and your web design budget. There are a ton of themes available on Shopify, some are free of charge and others are paid. Also while choosing your theme, you need not worry much about the color and the typography as those can be customized.
  • Make sure that the site loads quickly: Quicker your website loads, speedily your business grows. If your website takes time to load, there are two major disadvantages. Firstly, the customers lose their interest and do not visit your site again, creating a bad impression on them. Secondly, you would face difficulty in ranking amongst the top pages of search engines and would not be able to avail of the organic search results. Hence, it’s important to search for different techniques to reduce the loading time.

  • Show your customers that your site is secure: Security is of utmost importance in today’s unsafe times. Having a website is a symbol of authenticity but it is important to show your customers that your site is secure to make payments or enter their personal information. Lack of trust is one of the major reasons many customers abandon their shopping carts when shopping online. You can include certificates and trust seals on the website's visible places and include the SSL icon on the checkout page so that customers can make secure payments.
  • Use the Shopify apps: Shopify has accumulated all its apps on the Shopify app store from where you can use it to enhance your website. With dozens of applications available, Shopify has put them into categories. Your choice of an app depends on the part of your website that you want to build. For instance, there are apps for product discovery, sales, and conversions, inventory management, customer support, etc.

Key Takeaway

Shopify might be the easiest website builder with its drag and drop capabilities yet it is not easy to build a store from scratch using it. At times, you would need the help of experts who can guide you for optimized solutions. Now that you have the design tactics in mind, you can use them as the stepping stones, to begin with. Always remember that your site might not be as good as your competitors on the very first day but consistency is the key. Keep the best practices and tips mentioned above in mind, and you will easily get your site to shape.



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