Who we are

We help retail brands & stores transform boring & traditional eCommerce stores into interactive ones with a no-code SaaS tool.

For the ones with a strong visual imagination, we'd like you to put your assumption hats on for a while and visualize an experience that's similar to shopping in a mall BUT online. No, we aren't talking about sites where you browse through images. We're talking Live-Streaming. Baaz allows people to experience the thrill that people were severely deprived of with the help of its superior technology.


What are we solving?


Selling online is no longer the ideal solution. Simply put, it has become very inefficient.

Low conversion rates, less engagements and low profit margins is making it expensive for businesses to run online. The inefficiency of online selling is a huge global problem. It requires dedication, grit and world class execution to solve this problem.


Ecommerce today, is no longer enough for customers in its current shape and form.

The online shopping experience hasn't improved much, lacks trust, emotional connect & is very transactional.Still predominantly dependent on photos, texts & search. It is still predominantly dependent on photos, texts & search.

At Baaz we are:

Building trust, storytelling and a superior online shopping experience.

Rethinking the entire online shopping experience

Combining eCommerce with interactive storytelling.